Business Intelligence

Web Analytics, Keywords and Goals

The web traffic analysis is the first step in an Online Marketing Strategy. The different keywords that best describe what we do, as well as our website corresponding positions. Also another key factor to take into account is the conversions rate for the website. Those aspects are essential to lay the foundation and direction of our Web Positioning campaign.

Web Traffic Analysis

Who visits our site?

As part of this process we will make an analysis of the current traffic to your website. This analysis will give us important information about the type of audience that comes to your website, and because it comes as it comes. These data is very important in developing a successful SEO campaign.

Keyword Phrases

Which keywords better define what my customers want from me?

A thorough keyword research within the market which is intended to embrace. This study lays the foundation of the web structure, content, communication and display advertising.


¿Why do I have a website?

Looks like a simple question but what are the goals for my website. It is important to define your goals. Once they are defined the next step is to know the websites’s user behavior, where they are going and why they are going to certain sections, and in turn where and why leave the site. This information will provide us the basis of any changes we have to do in order to increase your website conversion rate, which is one of the most important when it comes to increasing sales.