Social Media

Management and Social Media Marketings

Increasingly social media networks gain notoriety on the Internet. From twitter revolutions to the Facebook Stock Market launch. Businesses, especially small and have much to gain from social media.

Social Media Analysis

Is Facebook or Twitter important for your company?

Before starting any social media strategy we must first analyze the feasibility and, second, to know our audience and what people say about us or our industry across the different platforms on which we execute our strategy. In turn, another important step is to choose the platform, or combination thereof, which best fits our company. This and other points will be reviewed by our team in order to build a strong and coherent strategy to suit your needs.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc …

Our team is investigating at all times the possibility of opening new channels of marketing within the different social media platforms. For this reason we create tools with which we provide the ability to access all types of audiences and sectors through social networks. Our team will develop a strategy that best suits the needs of your website and your business industry.

Social Media Management

Need a Community Manager?

In Online Marketing Factory we have a team of experts in social networks that will manage your business account for the platforms you want. We have professionals in all sectors and we adapt to the different needs of yours and your company.