Web Technology

HTML, CSS, CMS, Server

If we want to increase the performance of our website we must thoroughly analyze all technical aspects of it. From the programming language, through the CMS or web application server configuration.

HTML Check

Arquitecture, Meta Information and Mark Up

It is important to optimize the home page source code and the site main sections. We will use our team of technical experts for this job. We will rely at all times on our knowledge about important factors such as Mark-Up and Accessibility within the HTML code of your website and which changes are needed to maximize the performance of your website in terms of SEO.

Web Performance

Server, CMS and Databases

The first thing is required in any website, it is an internal analysis of the different web applications and how they are interconnected. This document will guide our programmers to continue to perform the optimization process. It also helps us to have an overview for the website functioning, in case any change is necessary at any time. This process would be done very close to you.

Google Webmasters Tools

404 Errors, Back Links y Accesibility

This tool will get information about how Google finds your website in terms of Spider Accessibility, Mark up and sitemap. Analyze if your website contains a .htaccess file., And if you need any changes for problems with possible conflict between the different extensions of the URLs.